Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge, Goals for Next Year, and Random Thoughts.

I think you all can guess that I like reading in some way, shape, or form. Chances are, I wouldn't be running a review blog dedicated to books that I do for free unless I was a sadist or I had some love of reading. The truth is I've loved reading ever since I was... Continue Reading →


Descent of Angels Review

At this point in the Heresy, we had been graced by some of the best works that the Black Library had ever published. However, the series spans fifty-four novels written by a horde of different authors so there eventually had to be a dud somewhere. Unfortunately, it comes in the form of Descent of Angels, by... Continue Reading →

Good Omens Review

With the TV show on the horizon and the fact that this novel has been the "next book I'll read" for the last four years, I decided to finally sit down and read it. I had high hopes going into this novel due to it being highly recommended to me by near everyone and it... Continue Reading →

Dark Souls One Review

What's up, everyone? It's Thursday so this means I rant about something that's not a book for a change of pace. Recently, I finally got the chance to play and finish the first installment of one of my favorite fictional universes, Dark Souls. The remastered version was released for the PS4 so I jumped on... Continue Reading →

The Wise Man’s Fear Review

Alright, anyone who has read my Name of the Wind review (or really any of my reviews) knows how much I adore Rothfuss and this series. I even proclaimed it as one of the best books that I had read this year in a different blog post that I wrote. Despite this, I have had an... Continue Reading →

Fulgrim Review

So, who's ready to see me cry like I just watched the final part of Graveyard of the Fireflies (I cry a lot while reading books, no shame)? It's time for my weekly review of the novels of the Horus Heresy, and I am reviewing one that is a particular favorite of mine, Fulgrim. Now, this... Continue Reading →

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